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Please do NOT copy photos or obits or documents of any kind and post them to any other website, especially Ancestry, without first asking my permission. I do my absolute best to maintain the privacy of this site and to protect images that may have been placed here by other individuals. This is the primary reason I ask you to register to enter the site. Registration is free and easy, requiring only a user name & password of your choice (you don't need to supply all the other pieces of information the form asks you for). No one sees these but me and I will not EVER share them with others. If your registration request isn't approved within 48 hours, please contact me again through the "Contact Us" link below. That link always seems to get my attention!

This site is still under construction. Let me know if you have data to add or correct. I'm adding media daily, so check back often to see what has changed. Watch for the "Media" tab under individual names also. This is where "people" photos will go, like the one to the left. If you are doing Norwegian research, you may want to Search using the Surname list, eliminating the need to type in Norwegian characters and the risk of missing someone based on spelling. You'll see that I put surnames of my direct-line ancestors in all caps, and sometimes use farm-names as surnames to help identify certain ancestors. Please contact me if you have questions or see something weird going on - I want to know what is working or not working. For example, I just discovered that in merging my trees, my "sources" got jumbled together - particularly censuses. I'm working on correcting this. The data is accurate, the source sited might not be.

Some of the names most highly featured in my family will be: Norby, Johnson (Axel C), Wigen, Lien, Nummedal, Johnson (Michael), Daehlin

In my husband's family, prominent names are: Ferris, Barrass (Barris), Pillsbury, Dicken, Donaldson (Danielsson), Nyberg, Thorson

Locations in Norway include: Selbu, Fjelberg, Halse, Lunner, Vang, Gjerdrum

In Scotland: Ayrshire; In Ireland: County Tyrone

In the US: Fillmore & Mower Counties in Minnesota; Washington state; Winneshiek County in Iowa

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